The Program Committee have worked hard to produce an exciting and thought-provoking Conference Program with the Institute for Economics and Peace.

The Conference Program will include keynote lectures and presentations from international and national leaders in the industries of ‘Economic and Community Development and Peace’.

The Conference will have a focus on economic and community development as it relates to peace. Delegates will hear about the underlying causes of conflict including poverty, disease, lack of water and food security and the lack of education. Other focuses in the Conference Program will be on the economic cost of conflict within a country and community as well as reconciliation process and how a community can move from peacemaking to peacebuilding.

Click the image below to view the Final Program.

Preliminary Program

Click the button above to view the Preliminary Program for RIPPC 2018. Please note that this program is subject to change.


Key Dates

Registration Opens: 11 September 2017
Conference Date: 17 March 2018